Seeds of Love

He risked his freedom for the impossible love for an Egyptian woman. He smuggled forbidden seeds from Israel to a country that human life isn’t worth no more than a pack of cigarettes. Through Eric’s adventures you will become acquainted with the real life in Egypt, as he became familiar with it. A Romance full of adventure, sex and suspense… that will leave you breathless every new episode.

Paragraph of the book

I woke up at ten thirty the next morning as daylight peeked through the shutters. I already missed the Allahu Akbar of the morning. “Shit,” I said to myself, “I miss the morning prayers every day.”

Standing under the hot water in the shower, I could feel the damage I had been causing to my body. Everything hurt me. My nostrils were filled with soot and I was coughing up brown phlegm.

“It’s time to go home,” I told myself.

When I got downstairs, I asked Ibrahim for my envelope that was in the safe. I took it from him and put it into my pants pocket. I wore a loose shirt which I did not stick into my pants so that it would hide the bulge. I headed for Washi’s house.

When I arrived, he was just about to leave.

“Arik, come inside,” he said. He acted in a very friendly manner, since he knew the reason for my arrival.

“As I promised you, here is half of the money you owe Hariri,” and handed him three thousand five hundred dollars.

“You will return the money to me the next time I bring seeds. Meanwhile, until I get back, you are to obtain new orders for seeds. However, there are two conditions. First, you are not to involve any other person in the deal, and second, you can only offer cherry tomato seeds.”

Washi smiled. It had been a while since I saw this old hearing-impaired, manipulative turtle smile.

“I guess you did not hear from Tariq?” I asked, just to torture him a bit.

He shook his bald head from side to side and said, “No, that scoundrel has never showed his face again. But I’ll find him, I haven’t given up.”

“Have you called the two farms that we visited?” I asked again.

“Yes, and they haven’t heard from him either,” he said without batting an eyelid.

“Washi, I’ll be back in two weeks with the goods,” I said.

“How will you bring them?” he asked curiously.

“Trust me, I’ll bring,” I replied without going into any more detail.

I had a fantastic plan, but I was not ready to reveal it to anybody.

As I was leaving, I looked at him with pity. He had just earned a few thousand dollars fraudulently while also losing my confidence. He would now be a like a tool in my hands and when I have received my money after the next deal, I will get rid of him permanently.

As I bade him good-bye, I gave him a false hug. I am not a good actor and Washi probably had good instincts and was able to read my thoughts. I was like an open book to him.

I went outside and from the first bar that I passed I called Loubna at the plant.

“Darling, my love, may I invite you for lunch?”

“Arik my dear, I cannot be seen with you, lest our relationship be discovered,” she said, embarrassed.

“We will only discuss business matters,” I answered.

“Let’s meet at the apartment at five,” she said. “Better yet, make five-fifteen and I’ll bring something to eat. What are you doing to me? I am all wet just from hearing your voice, just from the thought of seeing and feeling you,” she said in a whisper.

“I can’t wait for the moment when I can caress those wonderful jewels of yours,” I replied.

Loubna laughed and said, “Habibi, you’re crazy.” Before hanging up she made the smacking sound of a kiss.

By the time I returned to the hotel, I had already worked out an amazing plan. However, in order to bring it to fruition I needed Adel. I called him from my room phone.

Wanting to start the conversation with a joke, I said, “This is Ariel Sharon, the General… I was by you. Do you remember me?”

“Hello, my friend. How could I forget you? I invited you to my villa at Bianchi Beach in Alexandria, but you never got in touch with me,” he said in his characteristically cheerful style.

“Is it possible for us to meet in Cairo tomorrow?” I asked

“Sure. I’ll be there. You sound worried, is everything OK?” he asked.

“Yes, everything is fine. Nothing has happened. I wanted to see you before my I return home,” I told him.

We agreed to meet for lunch and that he would take me to a nice seafood restaurant that he knew.

I lay down on my bed, closed my eyes and tried to rest as everything was so confusing. I tried to make some order out of everything that was happening.

While I was taking a nap, I heard the door opening and the housekeeping maid entered. As soon as she saw me, she excused herself and walked out.

I jumped out of bed.

“Is that how you enter? Why don’t you knock first? Did you not see that the door was locked?” I screamed after her.

I tried to calm myself by saying, “This is Egypt, with a different culture that at times seems strange to us.”

At five o’clock I left the hotel and immediately got a taxi to meet Loubna. Twenty minutes later I was at the apartment. I knocked softly with my fingertips on the door. The door opened and Loubna stood there as beautiful as ever with a smile that showed off the whiteness of her teeth. I marveled at her perfect mouth, her almond shaped eyes tastefully made up in a grayish color that gave them depth and highlighted their beauty.

She took hold of my shirt, dragged me inside and locked the door behind me. Her smell drove me crazy. As soon as I grabbed her in my arms and put my mouth to hers, I was overtaken by a hypnotic feeling of total surrender. I lost all dimension of time and my brain deleted all thoughts, as I just wanted her, all of her. I wanted to merge with her, to consume her and make love till the end of time.

I totally devoted myself to her. I did not make any unnecessary movements; she took care of everything. Her kissing and caressing gave me an erection as I had never had. She barely touched me. Her mouth, tongue and tips of her breasts fluttering by my face and occasionally touching my back or stomach gave me a sensation I had never had.

She also chose the right moment for me to penetrate her.  When I instinctively moved my buttocks, she whispered into my ear “shhhhh stanna kwayes, stay still,” and she continued doing everything by herself. She knew her own pleasure points and could exhaust them until the end.

As soon as she began panting and moaning, she dropped on me like a tired out desert bird, with her hair covering my face and her arms outstretched and put me inside of her. I hugged her, and we lay like that for a few minutes. I was still inside of her waiting for my turn to come.

She got off and covered my erect organ with her mouth and caressed it with both hands, each hand in another direction. She then once again began using her mouth and her jumping tongue until I exploded a huge load. She swallowed every drop and lightly fondled my testicles to squeeze out every last drop.

I think I lost consciousness for a while as all the strength left my body, my heart was beating wildly and sank into a state of disorientation.

I do not know how long I was in this deep sleep, but I slowly awoke when I felt her tongue licking my ears and saying gentle and lovely words in Arabic that I did not understand.

When I finally opened my eyes I saw Loubna standing over me dressed in a fancy dress.

“I have to go now. You can stay, but when you leave, slam the door shut,” she said and kissed me on my lips. “Call me before you go and come back soon, my love.”

I fell asleep and slept in the apartment until the next morning. When I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling, I remembered where I was. The smell of her delicate perfume was absorbed in the T-shirt I was wearing.

I remembered that she had given me a good-bye kiss, but for how long? What will become of us? I pushed those thoughts away as I wanted to live our beautiful moments together.

Suddenly I remembered that I had a meeting with Adel in the afternoon. I jumped out of bed and ran straight into the shower. I had left my beard unshaven and stubble began to become obvious; slowly I was beginning to look like every other Egyptian. All that I was missing was a galabiya, robe and sandals or a khaki safari suit. When I got out of the taxi at the hotel, I smiled to myself.

The taxi driver who took me from the apartment to the hotel did not stop talking the entire trip and I shook my head as if agreeing with him. Every now and then I would say, “aywa, yes,” just to keep him happy. By the time we reached the hotel he realized that I did not speak a word of Arabic. He roared with laughter and refused to take money. Such are the Egyptians; unpredictable behavior.

When I entered the lobby, I suddenly saw what looked like Washi sitting there with the newspaper hiding his face. “What the hell is he doing here now?” I muttered to myself softly.

I approached him and greeted him, “Sabah el heer, good morning,” I said.

When he moved the paper away, I saw an unfamiliar face staring at me.

“Excuse me sir. I thought you were somebody else,” I apologized.

Maalesh, never mind,” he said to me and continued reading the newspaper.

I went up to my room, changed my clothes and went out into the street. I suddenly felt very tense and nervous and had to calm down. I crossed the street and walked for a while, when I passed a vendor selling bagels with sesame seeds. Looking away from the hygiene that surrounded his stand, I took a pretzel and with it he handed me a folded sheet of newspaper.

“What’s that?” I asked. “Zaatar,” he answered. I did not know what to do with it, so he broke off a piece of pretzel, dipped it into the spice, handed it to me and said, “Eat.”

The breakfast was a one of a kind as it did not exactly agree with me and worked nearly instantly on me. I will remember it for a long time.

Hardly a half an hour passed and I found myself running through the streets toward the hotel, where I skipped all the steps like a circus acrobat to reach my room. I unlocked the door, but I did not make it to the bathroom. I was unable to control the diarrhea that began coming into my pants at the door of the bathroom. I entered the shower with my clothes on and let the water pour all over me. I undressed and sat down on the toilet with stomach pains that felt like sharp knives piercing my stomach. I could barely stand up.

I lay naked on the bed with a pillow on my stomach to keep it warm. Slowly the pain began to subside and the frequency of my running to the bathroom diminished. I drank the bottled water that I had so that I would not dehydrate.

Adel arrived in the early afternoon. The phone in my room woke me up and Ibrahim told me that I had a visitor waiting for me in the lobby. I got out of bed and tried to stand on my wobbly legs. I got dressed, but did not tighten my belt as my lower abdomen was still sensitive and sore.

When I got downstairs, Adel asked me if I was feeling fine, as I was very pale. I told him what had happened, of course omitting the embarrassing part. Adel asked if there was anything he could do to help.

I suggested that we go up to my room, where we could talk without interruption and people overhearing our conversation.

“Adel, I have a question for you. Has Washi called you to inquire about Tariq?” I asked him when we got to my room.

“No, I have not heard from him nor have I seen him since the last time you visited me,” he answered without hesitation.

“Adel, I do not know who’s telling the truth and who is lying. Everything is working against me and I cannot trust anyone,” I said, and told him the whole story of Washi, Tariq and the money.

“Arik. May I call you by that name?” I heard Washi using that name, short for Ariel.

“No problem. That is my name,” I answered.

“In Egypt, the only truth is the truth which you believe. There are many truths, but only one is true and you have to decide which one it is,” he replied philosophically.

“Adel, there is no doubt that Washi and Tariq tried to trick me. Washi told me lies upon lies,” I said.

“Perhaps,” Adel began, “but you should know that there is an explanation for everything and things are not always the way you see it. What you consider a lie, may actually be in your best interest created to protect you.

Let me explain. Take for example a situation in which Tariq deceived Washi, and Washi in his anger wants to file a complaint with the police against Tariq. The police will investigate and it turns out you smuggled engineered seeds into Egypt that theoretically could endanger and eliminate the tomato harvest of farms in the Delta and cause tens of thousands of people to be without work or food.

You are arrested, brought to trial and accused of being an Israeli agent sent to sabotage the Egyptian agriculture. I do not want to continue and scare you into what may happen.

When Washi told you that he was looking for Tariq, he lied to you so that you would refrain from looking for Tariq and thus bring upon yourself lots of trouble. He was ready to forfeit the money just so that nobody investigates. Tariq for his part knew that this might happen, stole the money from Washi without fear, for he knew with certainty that Washi would not complain.”

“Actually, I did not think of it that way. You analyze things differently and interestingly,” I said to Adel.

I realized right away that I had not done enough homework to learn the logic behind Egyptian philosophical thought.




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